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You can choose from a large selection of wallpapers at The Wood Factory Wall Coverings. Our selection broadens according to brand, category, colour, design, and style. Every home can find something here.

Just as crucial as the choice is the Wallpaper installation process. Our skilled professionals fix the interior wallpaper in your home after you select the ideal colour and pattern using tools and supplies made specifically for Indian circumstances.

We offer you the best manual for installing wallpaper to your house

Clearly, we comprehend. We are all familiar with the idea of painting a room, but most people find the thought of trying wallpaper on their walls to be intimidating. But interior wallpapers provide your surfaces access to an entirely new world. In particular, designer wallpaper can do wonders to improve the appearance of a space if you permit it, even permitting you to express yourself creatively.

We are here to debunk wallpapers in the face of so many choices and inquiries. We discussed your concerns with our wallpaper specialists at The Wood Factory, and the following is what we learned:

Our wall coverings offer versatility.

Its extended lifespan is now known. Nevertheless, what if you desire to take it out? Consider that you rent your property and want to decorate with long-lasting yet simple to undo items. In such a case, wallpaper is ideal since it can be taken off without harming the wall or leaving behind dirt and residue. But you will need to prepare the area once more if you wish to paint the wall or place new wallpaper following removal.

We consider the acoustics and humidity in the room.

Although practically any room in the house can employ wallpaper, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, vinyl-coated wallpaper is incredibly robust and simple to maintain. Consider using this in high-traffic areas of your home because it has been engineered to repel moisture and grime. However, avoid using it on walls that are directly exposed to moisture, such as those in shower areas or bathrooms with poor ventilation. It can also be used in kitchens and baths.

While adding a layer of texture and beauty, grass cloth is constructed of both natural and artificial fibres. Use it in dry, low-traffic areas because moisture and steam can harm it. If you have used the right glue and sealant, humidity won’t do any damage. If you reside in a humid city, you shouldn’t experience any issues, but daily steam from the shower, for instance, can cause the paper to peel. Leaks that aren’t fixed, though, will wreak havoc. Both wallpaper and paint must be waterproofed properly for them to function.

Significance that Wallpapers hold when it comes to your home

Wallpaper can transform your walls into spectacular pieces and is a wonderful complement to your rooms. It is still a crucial component that is rarely mentioned, even if colourful trendy styles are taking over the design industry. Yet, whether you’re going to redecorate an old home or build a brand-new one, the right wallpaper textures can give your house a distinctive personality.

While renovating their houses, most individuals opt for wall paints over other wallpaper varieties. So that you may make the best decision possible, we’re here to inform you about all the wallpaper types, textures, and materials.

Wallcoverings improve the appearance of your marketable building. Your company must distinguish itself from the competition in order to provide genuine customer service. There is no more lasting or precious method than using wallcoverings.

Each vinyl wallcovering improves the appearance of a room and reinforces your brand, logo, colour, or motto. It leaves a lasting impression, helping customers remember your goods, services, and business location better than those folks down the street.

Texture can be added via wallcoverings. It goes beyond 2D paint or wallpaper. Wallcoverings can give your office space a completely different texture. So, you are not required to locate a new corporate building with a distinctive wall texture.

The idea of wall coverings is to hide flaws. Do you reside in a corporate building that has minor cracks and holes in the walls? If you have insignificant beauty marks that you can’t cover with a conservation, cover them with wallcovering. It’s a quick fix that works well for a while.

Custom wallcoverings are available at The Wood Factory, best wallpaper installation services in Hyderabad.

Yet, if you really want to stand out, inquire about a custom wall covering. The opportunity of customization is cooler than pre-installed wallpaper or a simple coat of paint.

Wallcoverings can be permanent or removable. Wall coverings can easily be changed. Want to switch up the themes for each season? Would you like to participate in a new creation? Is a significant event approaching? – Semi-permanent wall coverings offer complete freedom to alter the mood and appearance of a room in all these situations without having to make a big commitment.

Wallcoverings last longer than stock wallpaper and conventional cosmetics. Even if we adore oil, wall coverings endure longer than conventional corporate makeup beneath regular operating situations.


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THE MOST COMMON INQUIRIES about Wall coverings

In a large living room with built-in furniture, windows, children’s bedrooms, and doors that separate the walls, you can typically utilise a tiny pattern.

Paper wallpaper is renowned for disguising wall flaws. It requires little upkeep and is simple to detach and stick. When putting it up, caution must be used.

Another popular wallpaper that may be easily pasted to the walls is vinyl-coated wallpaper. Perforated wallpaper is another excellent choice for obscuring scuffs. Although fabric wallpaper and other materials are seen as opulent options, they necessitate a great deal of care and have trouble adhering to the walls.

Remember that you should only ever select a colour or a pattern that you genuinely adore. Aside from the fact that you’ll experience it every day, you’ll soon become overwhelmed by anything that isn’t exactly to your taste.

It is feasible to use the right wallpaper to give the impression that a smaller space is larger. As previously noted, vertical stripes open up a space and make it feel bigger, whereas perpendicular stripes heighten a space. Basic geometric designs or textures that resemble marble enlarge a space. If utilised over the entire area, a minimal recurrent pattern in a lighter colour might provide the illusion of more space. Blocky flats look good with slant patterns.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the fact that the prints in vertical and perpendicular patterns must be equally spaced apart and have the same alignment on both sides. For correct alignment, geometric patterns require more time and effort. Contrarily, floral designs and patterns that are randomly aligned have smaller repeats and are simpler to deal with.

The preparation of the wall is the first step in a great wallpaper installation. If the walls aren’t sturdy enough to support the paste used to adhere the wallpaper, there could be a slip. Hence, before hanging your wallpaper, make up is essential. Wallpaper is extremely dependable and has a 15-year lifespan.

Above all, consider the function, continuity, and ease of preservation of the room while selecting wallpaper materials. Water-resistant wallpaper is required for kitchens, corridors, and kid-friendly dwellings. You can accomplish this alone, but a little expert support can save you time and money.