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The Wood Factory is an undertaking that offers the best painting services in Hyderabad and was inspired by enthusiasm. It is a goal to recognize originality in the era of mass production. It is an endeavor to highlight artefacts that endure a lifetime in a world of subpar quality.

You may find the most exquisite works of fine art at The Wood Factory, which is a one-stop shop. For people who value excellence, style, artistry, and workmanship, we curate luxurious art.

We at The Wood Factory are dedicated to fostering trust with our customers since we recognize that it is non-negotiable in the world of luxury. We don’t just assist you with the paintings but we also guide you in discovering the best artwork, new art styles, and a passion for all things lovely.

We recognize that purchasing rare, expensive products online is challenging. You might be concerned about the item’s legitimacy, quality, and resemblance to the photographs. At The Wood Factory, we are devoted to earning your confidence, making you feel at ease and provide you the best painting services in Hyderabad. Hence, we assure you –


Our approach to curating is quite straightforward. A work isn’t good enough to be shown on The Wood Factory if it can’t live in one of our own homes. Hence, we never, ever cut corners when it comes to the quality of the products we offer.


Before a client makes a purchase, we make sure they are absolutely certain of their decision. We also promise that the artwork will perfectly resemble the images and videos we have provided with you. We’ll find a workable way to put things right if an article you acquire doesn’t arrive in satisfactory quality.


The Founders and professional curators of Wallpapers handpick each article on The Wood Factory. We don’t have a listing platform; instead, we engage the artists, designers, and shops we wish to highlight and select the objects from their catalogue to present. Each component has been carefully chosen and has a unique backstory.


We only choose the best-in-class and most reliable artists, designers, shops, and galleries from which to draw inspiration for our collection. Our solid relationships with our procurement partners have been facilitated by our extensive industry knowledge, and they respect us just as much as we do.


Our customer service is what actually sets us different. The Wood Factory experience has a human touch, and our staff is always on hand to assist you and answer your questions.

The most magnificent works of Wall paintings can be found and purchased at The Wood Factory, a destination for artistic luxury and the best Wall paintings provider in Hyderabad. We provide to you a hand-selected collection of paintings, drawings, limited edition prints, digital art, traditional art, tribal art, antique treasures and more, all with an unrelenting focus on quality and curation.

To ensure that you genuinely appreciate the experience of finding that rare treasure, every best wall painting at The Wood Factory is chosen from the most well-known and reliable artists, designers, and collectors.

We, at The Wood Factory offer you the Best Home and Wall Painting designs in Hyderabad.


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Here are the MOST COMMON INQUIRIES which customers pose –

A paint needs time to completely cure even after it has dried. It could take up to 60 days for latex paint to “completely cure” depending on the color chosen, the environment, and other factors. In a day or two, latex paint is ready for regular usage, but it needs at least 14 days to dry before it can be washed or wiped down. During the curing phase, latex paints may be sensitive to chemicals or water. Even when they have fully cured, paint with a lesser sheen will still be more vulnerable to moisture and chemicals.

Based on a mathematical theory, the coverage rates on the container were determined. This figure doesn’t take into account any product waste from remaining on roller covers, brushes, or painting surfaces, or from product remaining in the container. You may observe a lower spread rate than the “theoretical” coverage rate on the container depending on these factors as well as overall surface porosity.

Paints with low gloss and flat surfaces typically do not have a high scrub ability factor. High-traffic or often cleaned areas should be coated with paint that has a greater shine. For their general durability, a Satin sheen type or higher is advised at the very least in certain regions. You will be able to clean more frequently as a result, which will prolong the period between painting jobs.

Masking tape, sometimes known as “painter’s tape,” has a tendency to stick to recently painted surfaces if it is not removed right once or if it is poorly peeled off the surface. The tape will unavoidably be covered up when the paint is adhered to the walls.The paint will begin to stick to both the tape and the wall as it dries. Once the tape is taken off, this “bridge” of paint connecting the walls and the tape will lift.

Indeed, all of The Wood Factory’s lighting fixtures are incredibly simple to install and maintain. There are several styles that have a high DIY factor and are relatively simple to install. However, due to the complexity of some larger designs—mostly chandeliers—we advise you to have them fitted by our knowledgeable team of specialists. The patterns are also pretty simple to keep up. You don’t need to be concerned about the technical aspect of it because the lights are really robust and won’t cause you any problems.

Stain Stylishly

Stains are applied to outdoor wood surfaces to create a more natural appearance and feel. They also retain or improve the wood’s natural beauty. Like paint, stains completely cover the surface and enhance the organic texture of wood.

The opacities of wood stains range from translucent to solid, and each one offers a unique appearance and wood finish.

opaqueness of stains

To produce richer, deeper colors and to protect wood from the weather, the majority of stains permeate the surface of the wood.

Whatever of the color you choose, search for a super-penetrating quasi stain for hardwoods like mahogany or teak to highlight the grain and texture of the wood and elegantly enhance the final appearance of your project.

The rich, deep color that solid color stains provide allows you to compliment your outdoor decor. They are also incredibly durable.

The Influence of Color

Because to its adherence and color selection, paint provides practically endless design alternatives for your exterior. Paints provide the most flexibility for these chores, whether you’re painting your front door to match your shutters or updating the color of your front porch.

As emulsions are water-based, they work well with the majority of pigments and additives. Hence, they come in a range of finishes, from basic matte to incredibly smooth, beautiful gloss. They offer improved qualities like mildew resistance, simple upkeep, and a variety of colors. Emulsions contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than other types of paint. In the hierarchy, these are the fundamental paints. They contain VOC chemicals and cannot be washed. They emit fumes, have little UV protection, and have no anti-algae qualities. Distemper is frequently utilized in regions with ceilings.

The first step in achieving long-lasting painting results is applying putty. If you are creating a new painting, it is crucial. A minimum of two applications of putty are advised. If your walls are in good shape when you repaint, you don’t need to apply putty everywhere; instead, you can use touch-up putty where necessary.

For all new painting that we do, primer is a requirement. It aids in the paint’s ability to stick to the walls. Primer is advised if you want your wall paint to fade from a darker color to a lighter one.

Ventilate the space being painted. Do not expose the paints to heat. Use a respirator when the painting area cannot be effectively ventilated, respirators are appropriate. safeguard the floors If certain precautions are taken, the mess that painting will inevitably produce can be avoided. Employ canvas or cotton drop cloths rather than plastic to cover floors because plastic tends to make surfaces slick. Professional Opinion – Give a painted room at least two days to completely dry before using it. Children and animals in particular should be kept out of the freshly painted room. Clean and Tidy – Once the day’s labor is finished, carefully and completely clean the area.

External Paint Selection: It is crucial to pick high-quality paints for your outside because they increase durability and prevent seepage. The best inferior quality paint is considerably more likely to trap moisture, which results in areas on the inner wall surface and eventually causes blistering or peeling of the paint. Before the rainy season, you should paint the exterior of your home. The best time is between January and April. Paintings become damaged even after they are painted after the rainy season because the moisture or water content in the walls persists for a longer period of time. Look For Cracks in The Roof or Walls: Look for cracks in the roof or walls. If a crack is discovered, fix it right away. After repairs, cover the walls and roof with a waterproofing substance. A Move Towards Water-Resistant Paints: The Best Waterproof paints are widely available at The Wood Factory Hyderabad and very helpful in surviving the wet season.