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Majority of us avoid undertaking home renovation tasks since they take a lot of time. Yet with careful planning and a few original interior design ideas, you can quickly alter your house and most of the homeowners believe that false ceilings should only be used for decoration but that’s not true, though.

False ceilings are used in rooms to add decoration as well as to establish a theme and mood. Most people are unaware that the protection your ceiling receives from direct sunshine and reduced heating problems from the gypsum sheet layer also contributes to lower air conditioning costs.

The Wood Factory is committed to provide you the best False Ceilings in Hyderabad that are more than just perfectly designed works of Art.

The PERKS that you get after instilling our False Ceiling include-

It reduces the amount of energy used by the air conditioning, which helps you save money on power.

It gives your house a lovely gloss that enhances its appearance.

It utilizes thermal insulation to keep your residence cooler.

It provides space and lighting alternatives that might help you create better-lit homes.

It conceals electrical cables, which aids in clearing up clutter in your home.

False ceilings, as their name suggests, are additional ceiling designs erected below the real ceiling design in any office interior area or space. False ceilings are also essential for keeping your corporate office space moisture resistant, light efficient, soundproof, and many other things. False ceilings are also quite attractive from an aesthetic standpoint.

The many kinds of ceiling channels and their purposes are also a constant topic of discussion. And choosing the right ceiling channel for your workplace or business area is frequently a source of confusion.

Check out the many channels that are utilized in artificial ceilings.

Intermedial Channel

We are all drawn to vibrant fake ceiling designs for businesses and offices. But another factor that must be overlooked is the employment of a powerful intermediate channel in its installation. The main part that supports the ceiling section is this one.

Perimeter Channel

For the fake ceiling to be fixed, the perimeter channel is crucial. In reality, it fits across the walls and divisions and provides great support for all varieties of drop ceilings.

Ceiling Section

Another significant component of the list of components used in false ceilings is the ceiling section. That is because it serves as the primary structural component for fixing the plaster board.

Ceiling Angle

In essence, the ceiling angles are L-shaped angles hanging from the main ceiling by a fastener. In addition, it is cut based on where the fake ceiling is to be installed.

Architectural features that combine aesthetics and practicality are false ceiling designs. A roof is necessary for each building construction, just as a ceiling needs an attractive feature to draw attention to it. Simple false ceilings can give your home decor that eye-catching appeal.

False ceilings are, in fact, a popular, if not essential, element of interior design. False ceiling ideas for hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, and other spaces are now available in a variety of forms, textures, and methodologies thanks to recent breakthroughs in architecture and technology.

Your monthly bills could be reduced with a custom ceiling

Not only can a designer ceiling add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, it also lowers your household’s monthly expenses. Since they take up the most visual space in your home, ceilings are very important to its design.

But the cherry on top is that, while you’re thinking of a wonderful ceiling design for your home remodeling ideas to brighten up the drab old look, you’re also ultimately saving money. That’s because your home’s temperature and lighting are affected by designer ceilings.

lower your AC load

To escape the heat during the summer, we do utilize air conditioners but air conditioning uses a lot of electricity. Your air conditioner usage will be optimized by designer ceilings, which will also save your summer electricity costs.

A metal framework, which can be made of any building material depending on budget, is used to hang false ceilings a few inches underneath the slab. The air inside is trapped by the space that exists between the two layers. By keeping heat from the outside from entering, this serves as insulation to keep your room cool. Your AC load is subsequently further decreased as a result.

Also, you sometimes don’t even need to use the air conditioner because the insulation between the two layers of the ceilings, which is packed with air, keeps the space naturally cold.

less expensive lighting

According to a 2015 study on household energy use, India’s residential energy use is largely accounted for by lighting. In actuality, the overall electricity bill for our homes is 10–20% accounted for by lighting expenses.

One major benefit of having designer ceilings is that you may replace your room’s tube lighting with high-quality LED lighting, which uses far less energy and is much more durable. If your ceiling is designed creatively, you might install LED lights in various rooms of the house and utilize as much illumination as you need while conserving money and energy.

Hence, put your concerns about the cost to rest if you have ideas for artificial ceilings. You will ultimately spend less on lights, air conditioning, and renovations. You may be sure to find a ceiling design that complements your taste and the aesthetic of your house with The Wood Factory’s selection of false ceiling ideas and solutions.

Why do we play a vital role in your choice for False ceiling services in Hyderabad?

The Wood Factory is impeccable in recognizing, foreseeing, and satisfying the essential requirements of both internal and external customers at all times and at all organizational levels. With this mentality, The Wood Factory employees demonstrate a strong focus on meeting customers’ needs while also having the ability to proactively offer new solutions when appropriate.

The Wood Factory employees have learnt to empathize, or to be able to put themselves in another person’s shoes and shift their perspective in order to comprehend the basic needs of others, in order to achieve this.

One of the main goals of the Group’s strategy is to serve customers and markets by making beautiful living spaces and enhancing daily life, which calls for The Wood Factory to use all of its innovative capabilities. Maintaining The Wood Factory’s position in the market is crucial, as is having a complete awareness of how customers’ expectations are changing in a dynamic environment.

Our company’s objective is to create a more sustainable and practical future for everyone’s life, including their employment, personal care, and transportation needs.


3D Modeling


Room Measurement


2d Planning


If you want to remodel your home without sacrificing weeks of your time or emptying your money account, you may make small changes that will have a big impact. Wallpapering bookcases and drawers, adding window coverings, and upgrading faucets are just a few suggestions. Other improvements include replacing switch plates, doorknobs, and lights.

The tone and feel of the area can be significantly changed by the artificial ceiling lighting you use. The following are a few forms of fake ceiling lighting:

Back-Lit Ceiling Panels, Lights Fixtures flush mount, Headland Lighting, LED Freestanding Lighting, Gimbal Translucent Lighting

Gypsum ceiling tiles with a PVC laminate are durable and robust. They are manufactured of premium paper-faced gypsum board with a PVC coating on the top and aluminum foil on the back. Gypsum ceiling tiles with PVC laminate are beautiful ceiling tiles of the highest caliber that are compact, ecologically friendly, and resistant to corrosion, water, and fire.

Simple fake ceiling styles for drawing rooms are easy to install, beautiful, and give your area a simplistic feel if you have a limited amount of money for a false ceiling. False ceiling designs for drawing rooms include dangling ceilings, led ceilings, floating ceilings, and textured ceilings.

Gypsum board fake ceilings typically come in thicknesses of 1/2″, and most residential buildings employ this material. Gypsum board false ceilings in the 1/4″ and 3/8″ sizes are typically used to cover up old drywall or in spaces where curved walls are needed, but they should not be used in ceilings or other places where strong panels are needed.

To come up with some first false ceiling ideas, think about the features of your house, such as the color scheme, lighting, etc. Moreover, you can store images from the internet for use as references. For fake ceiling ideas, give them to your contractor or interior designer so you can have your way while also considering their professional judgement.

To assist you in opting the right False ceiling for your home and to make your home get that cynosure look, The Wood Factory is determined to offer you the top-notch false ceiling services.